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Mutations of the Prominin (mouse)-like 1 gene (PROML1)

Recent update from: tt.06.jj

Phenotype Mutation Basechange Nucleotide Exon Restriction Site Classification
& Remarks
Mutation Database OMIM Reference
Retinal Degenration, autosomal recessive 1878delG AGGAAG-AG_AAG 1878 12

Consanguineous Indian
Mutated protein does not reach cell surface



1. Maw, M.A., Corbeil, D., Koch, J., Hellwig, A., Wilson-Wheeler, J.C., Bridges, R.J., Kumaramanickavel, G., John, S., Nancarrow, D., Röper, K., Weigmann, A., Huttner, W.B., and Denton, M.J. A frameshift mutation in prominin (mouse)-like 1 causes human retinal degeneration. 2000; Hum.Mol.Genet. 9: 27 - 34.
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