| 20 September 2016

Welcome from our CEO

Thank you for visiting the Retina International Website 

Retina International (RI) was established in 1978 as an international umbrella group acting as a central point of contact for patient-led organisations funding research into retinal degenerative diseases. Globally RI has 34 active member organisations in The United States of America, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. RI is active in policy development and capacity building at national, regional and global level. It provides a platform to exchange both lay and scientific ideas while fostering collaboration among all stakeholders in the retinal space including, member organisations, researchers, clinicians, policy makers, regulators and industry.

RI is led by a CEO who reports to a volunteer President and in turn a Management Committee (MC) that is elected every two years from the membership who make up The RI General Assembly and to whom they are responsible. The Secretariat of RI is based in Dublin, Ireland with the president’s office based at Retina Suisse in Zurich.  

Since its establishment 40 years ago, RI has witnessed challenges to the progress of health innovation and by working with all stakeholders in the retina space has found ways to form consensus and to address new and emerging issues. RI is fully committed to educating new and existing members to appropriately address new challenges by bringing the patient perspective to the development of health and research policies.

As our core objective is to provide the most up to date accessible and useful information to the community as well as to engage with and lead out on the development of educational and capacity building tools, we would like to hear what is important to you.

Over the coming months we will be conducting online surveys to establish what you as a community want and expect from social media and also how you utilise it. We also want to better understand the areas of Research and Development that you would like better explained so that we can work with our partners and stakeholders to ensure that your information requirements are met.

Retina International is a platform for exchange of information and structured collaboration. We are always interested in your views and so if you wish to contact me you can do so by emailing. avril.daly@retina-international.org

We hope you enjoy your visit!


Avril Daly




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