Services Providers | 03 July 2016

Service Providers

Please contact your local Retina group for details of service providers in your area. Your National Organisation of the Blind will also be a source of advice and referrals. Services and benefits vary tremendously between areas and countries and you need to ensure that you make full use of all the benefits and services that will help you to cope with everyday living.

Some of the larger Agencies in America, Britain or Europe may offer help on line. Try:

Types of Services Available

Some of the services that may be available to you locally are:

  • Disability Grant
    From local or national government departments.
  • Travel Assistance
    Free or special bus services.
  • Retinal Clinics or Retinal Specialists
    Where possible consult an eye doctor that has special knowledge of your condition and possible treatments.
  • Low Vision clinics or practitioners
    Access technology providers
  • Gene identification clinics
    This is becoming more available.
  • Mobility Instruction
  • Seeing-Eye Dogs
  • Counselling services
    From a trained peer group counsellor or registered Psychologist.
  • Employment services
    Training and placement from NGO’s or government agencies.
  • Rehabilitation services
    Including computer training – from specialized service providers.
  • Talking Books, Listeners libraries, large print
    From NGO’s or provincial or State libraries.
  • Online news services
  • Travel Assistance
    All airlines provide assistance which must be requested when reservations are made.
  • Sporting facilities
    Blind Bowlers, Golfers, Chess, Skiing, Water-skiing, Cricketers etc.
  • Social Clubs
  • Shopping
    Most big supermarkets will provide a personal shopping assistance if pre-booked.

Benefits of Starting a Support Group

Low vision patients need to work together to ensure adequate facilities are made available for them. If there is no Retinal support group in your country why not start one?

The benefits of such a group are:

  • Mobilising local resources for the benefit of retinal patients
  • Creating Public Awareness of retinal degeneration
  • Accessing local and international funds to assist needy retinal patients
  • Bringing international research findings to local patients

By becoming involved in finding solutions the person you most benefit is yourself.

Contact Retina International for advice and assistance.

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