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Patient Resources

In the early stages of vision loss most retinal patients can manage very adequately with visual tasks. However as sight worsens some adaptation is required. In the developed world service providers offer a comprehensive range of services and new technology increasingly offers assistance in making communication more accessible to people with low vision. In developing countries these services are far more limited, and in some countries even the most basic need of mobility instruction is lacking.

The internet has brought access to assistance to many while international awareness of the necessity of legislation for rights for the disabled will in the future make life easier for the visually impaired across the globe.

This section gives a brief overview of the types of support that may be available. Please contact the retinal support group in your country for referral to service providers in your area. National organizations of the blind might also be able to assist. In many countries Retinal Patient Groups have been active in motivating for better services for low vision patients.