General Assistive Devices Education | 27 February 2018

Over 3,500 Downloads of App for Vision Impaired Community

ViaOpta Hello Application

ViaOpta Hello is a multi-tool application that can assist blind or visually impaired people by using cognitive services and Microsoft latest image analysis technology to identify people, items, and scenes.

This application is an example of how people can use their knowledge to partner with tech companies to assist the visually impaired to make their daily lives more accessible. The application can be downloaded on any Smartphone from the app store. Coming in twelve different languages, this application takes away the stress of potential language barriers, making it useful for anybody on-the-go. By using the Smartphone’s camera to take pictures of objects or people, the back-end cognitive services provide a description of the content.

ViaOpta Hello has just been launched in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, East Africa, Italy, Nordics, Spain, Australia, Turkey, South Africa, China, Ireland and Singapore. As of now, Germany, US, France, and Middle East have been planning a forthcoming launch.

 To date there have been over 3500 downloads of the app and it has been well received by the community and seems to be filling an unmet need. For more information log onto

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