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28.09.2014 -

The Genes, Epigenetics and Evolution in Eye Development and Disease GED Conference 2014

The eye is an organ of extreme perfection” said Charles Darwin, concerned that his theories of evolution may falter for such a finely tuned organ, which exists in many different forms in the animal kingdom. The vertebrate eye forms as an extension of the developing brain; with its intricate retinal architecture it provides a uniquely accessible system to study neural development and function. Model organisms give us detailed insight into the mechanisms of eye development, while modern technology allows us to explore human visual function in detail, with non-invasive methods. Abnormalities of eye development and function are also readily documented. Molecular genetic approaches permit the identification of genes implicated in genetic eye diseases and elucidation of the regulatory and signalling pathways necessary for eye development and regeneration. Components of such complex gene networks are highly conserved in evolution. Different model systems are useful for studying different aspects of eye development and function – often at single cell resolution, capable of delivering a coherent picture of the process. New genomic approaches provide tools to understand phenotypic variation in genetic eye disease and, to study epigenetic changes and gene-environment interactions. Insight into the molecular basis of eye development and disease provides new approaches for targeted treatments. These special features of the eye provide our expert speakers with a great platform to present the story and their latest discoveries and ideas, with many facets including the application of the latest technologies in molecular developmental biology and big data genomic studies.

This 4 day meeting, held in the beautiful Hotel Parador Oropesa in Spain, will provide ample opportunities for discussion with a dozen or more contributed talks selected from registrants, a poster session, poster highlights and student prizes.

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The Parador Oropesa, Spain