| 27 February 2017

News from Brazil: Retina Research Event for Rare Disease Day

As Part of Rare Disease Day 2017 Retina Brazil sponsored a symposium in São Paulo to update their member’s on relevant current issues, such as genotyping. Coordinated by Dr. Juliana Sallum, the symposium, called “Eyes for Good Citizenship”, took place amidst an ophthalmological congress and was aimed at patients and their families.

The event gathered a significant part of the low vision community of São Paulo. The speakers were focused and extremely informative and educative, enabling patients and their representatives to easily comprehend the complex issues involving genetics and cellular therapies.

The programme focused on pertinent topics such as:

What is genotyping ?

Fabiana Louise Teixeira Motta


Cultivated cells process

Fernando Henrique Lojudice


Cellular therapy

Rodrigo Antonio Brant Fernandes



Mariana Vallim Salles



Elaine Castro Costa Santos


Leber Congenital Amaurosis 

Juliana Maria Ferraz Sallum



Mirna Yae Yassuda Tamura


My child is struggling to see. What now?

Marcia Spesato Tozatti


Genotyping and retina dystrophy

Juliana Maria Ferraz Sallum


The event was concluded with a Q&A session.


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