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Retina International

Learn more about retinal degenerations including the ways in which people with a retinal degeneration see their world. Find out what Retina International does and about its member societies together with contacts in your country.

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11.09.2015 -

VI. International DOG-Symposium, Baden-Baden, Germany
Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Emerging ConceptsExploring known and Identifying new Pathways read

23.10.2015 -

Retina Australia National Congress - Global Eyes 2015 - Melbourne, Australia
Bionics, Gene Therapy, Stem Cells and More read

25.11.2015 -

95th SOI National Congress - Rome, Italy
Where world's ophthalmologists meet! read

06.07.2016 -

19th Retina International World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan
Foresight - when East meets West, that is the theme of the next Retina International World Congress, which is due to be held in Taiwan in July 2016. The Congress is organised by Retinitis Pigmentosa Taipei assisted by long-time Retina International member, Retina Hong Kong. read



Manchester Royal Eye Hospital implants first AMD patient in the world with the Argus II Retinal Porsthesis
Initial tests on 80-year-old with no central vision show that "bionic eye" treatment allows patient to see the outline of people again.To read more please click here! read


First CEO appointed to Retina International
Dear allThe MC and myself have the privilege and pleasure to inform you that Avril Daly, present CEO of Fighting Blindness Ireland, was appointed by the MC to be the first CEO of Retina International. Avril Daly will join Retina International later this year to take up this newly created post. read


World Retina Day September 27th, 2014
Passing out of the scientific darkness and into the light of clinical trials This was the title of an inspiring talk given at the recent Retina International World congress in Paris by distinguished vision scientist and charismatic orator Professor Gerald Chader.To read the whole article please click here. read


Inducing visual function - Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel (Switzerland)
Scientists from the groups led by Botond Roska and Witold Filipowicz have resolved the mechanism controlling the maintenance of the light detectors - the cone photoreceptor outer segments - in the retina. read


Cell-based lab study suggests gene rescue in the most common form of LCA may provide a viable treatment strategy
Research, led by US scientists from the Wynn Institute for Vision Research, University of Iowa, have demonstrated that lentiviral delivery of a functioning gene for centrosomal protein may be capable of rescuing one of the most common forms of LCA. The pre-clinical experiments, conducted on derived murine and patient-specific photoreceptor precursor cells, successfully delivered a faithful copy of the CEP290 gene to overcome a defect in ciliogenesis. Following delivery, the cultured target cells, harbouring mutations in the CEP290 gene, were shown to express full-length replacement transcript to provide a level of functional rescue read


Phase I/II stem cell trial in dry AMD indicates improvement in visual function and delay in disease progression
According to the sponsor of an AMD stem cell clinical sutdy, StemCells Inc., interim trial results from a phase I/II trial suggest a 65% reduction in the rate of geographic atrophy in the treated eye, compared to the expected natural history of the disease. read