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Disease Gene locus MIM Gene Gene MIM MoI Assignment

Linked Marker [cM] Remarks References
Autosomal Dominant Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy DFEV
TSPAN12 613138 ar 7q31

ad familiar exudative EVR1 133780 FZD4 604579 ad 11q13-23

D11S937- D11S4172- D11S1362- D11S2002- D11S901- D11S1887- CA2AP001528- FDZ4- D11S896- D11S4082- D11S1780-CA2AC023888- D11S1367- D11S873- D11S1311
ar familiar exudative FEVR 601813 LRP5 603506 ar 11q13.4

ad familiar exudative EVR3 605750

ad 11p12-13

EVR1- D11S1981- [14 cM GATA34E08- D11S904- D11S2364- D11S2001- D11S2010- D11S4965- D11S1392- D11S935- D11S4102]- D11S4966- D11S1911- D11S905- D11S1785- D11S903
  • Penetrance is estimated to reach 100% when pedigrees are tested by angiography
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    ad familiar exudative EVR1 133780 LRP5 603506 ad 11q13.4

    Autosomal Dominant Snowflake Vitreoretinal Degeneration SVD 193230 KCNJ13 603208 ad 2q37

    neovascular inflammatory VRNI 193235

    ad 11q13

    INT2- D11S4166
    Hyaloideoretinal Degeneration of Wagner WGN1 143200

    ar 5q13-14


    Hyaloideoretinal Degeneration of Wagner WGN2 143200 COL2A1 120140 ar 12q13.11-13.2

    Erosive vitreoretinopathy and Wagner disease WGN1 143200 CSPG2 118661 ar 5q12-14

    x-linked familiar exudative XEFVR 305390 NDP 310600 xl Xp11.3-11.23

    MoI = Mode of Inheritance: a: autosomal, ad: autosomal dominant, ar: autosomal recessive, xl: x-linked, mt: mitochondrial


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