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Disease Gene locus MIM Gene Gene MIM MoI Assignment

Linked Marker [cM] Remarks References
Sensorineural Deafness with RP
601815 MTTS2 590085 mt

  • Irish family ZMK-92
  • Link(28)
    type 1, digenic USH1 276900 PCDH15, CDH23 605514,605516 digenic 10q11.2-22

    type 1a USH1A 276900

    ar 14q32

    D14S51- D14S78- D14S13- D14S260, D14S250, D14S292
  • French from Poitou
  • Link(16)
    type 1b USH1B 276903 MyoVIIa 600060 ar 11q13.5

  • MyoVIIa is expressed in RPE and photoreceptors in adult retina
  • RP of USH1b results from a primary rod-cone defect
  • Link(2)
    type 1c USH1C 276904 Harmonin 605242 ar 11p14.3

    D11S861- D11S899
    D11S861- D11S419-(D1S397- D11S902- D11S921- D11S1890- D11S1888(<680 kb))- D11S1310- D11S899- D11S928
  • French Acadian of Louisiana
  • 1 Lebanese family
  • Indian family (DFNB18) => postulate of allelity with USH1c
  • Link(5)
    type 1d USH1D 601067 CDH23 605516 ar 10q21-22

    D10S529- [D10S535- D10S1737]- D10S188- [D10S1432, 152N13aat]- D10S218- [D10S1694- D10S1650]- D10S195- D10S202- D10S69-D10S219- D10S201- D10S551- D10S573 [15]
  • Moroccan and Pakistani families
  • Allelic to DFNB12
  • Link(16)
    type 1e USH1E 602097

    ar 21q21

    D21S1905- D21S1922- D21S1884- D21S1257- D21S1914- D21S265- D21S1896- D21S1258- D21S1916- D21S1913 [15]
    type 1f USH1F 602083 PCDH15 605514 ar 10q11.2-21

    D10S199- D10S596 [15], D10S193, D10S1791, D10S220, D10S1790
  • Pooled DNA PCR
  • Hutterite Brethren
  • Indian
  • Link(4)
    type 1g USH1G 606943 SANS 607696 ar 17q24-25

    D17S949- D17S1350- DFNA26- [D17S1351- D17S1831- D17S1352- D17S1807- D17S1839- D17S1603- D17S785- D17S1806 23]- DFNA20- D17S1830- D17S928
  • Palestinian
  • profound hearing loss
  • vestibular dysfunction
  • inside the interval of a.d. hearing loss DFN20 and DFN26
  • Link(31)
    type 1h USH1H 612632

    ar 15q22-q23

    [D15S988 - ZA909/910 - ZA840/841- ZA856/857 - D15S9777 - D15S980 - D15S818 - D15S973 - D15S1027 - D15S1005 4,92 cM]
    type 2a USH2A 276901 Usherin 608400 ar 1q41

    D1S2646/ D1S2629- DS2827- AFM268ZD1, cen- D1S505- D1S425- D1S217- D1S556- D1S237- [1 D1S474- EB1- EB2- KB6- AFM144XF2]- KB1- KB4- D1S229- D1S490- D1S227-TGFb2- D1S439-tel
  • 9 Lebanese families
  • Link(9)
    type 2b USH2B 276905 SLC4A7 603353 ar 3p24.2-23

  • Tunisian
  • Consanguineous
  • Link(6)
    type 2c USH2C 605472 VLGR1 602851 ar 5q14.3-21.3

    D5S617, D5S484, D5S505, D5S485
  • Screen of 10 linked families and 156 USH2 patients excluded from USH2A
  • Link(32)
    type 2 d USH2D, DFNB31 611383 Whirlin 607928 ar 9q32-q34

    D9S1856 - [D9S289 - D9S1824 - D9S1776 - D9S1682 - D9S1881 15 cM]
    type 3 USH3 276902 Clarin-1 606397 ar 3q21-25

    D3S1299-[1] TW250376- 25B8CA2- 25B8CA1- USH3- 107G19CA7- RSNP2- TSNP1- D3S3625- D3S1594- D3S1279- D3S1308 [5], D3S555, D3S1279, D3S1280
  • Finish and Italian
  • Y100X is the predominant Finish USH mutation
  • (23)
    MoI = Mode of Inheritance: a: autosomal, ad: autosomal dominant, ar: autosomal recessive, xl: x-linked, mt: mitochondrial


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      Link Goto Top
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      Link Goto Top
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      Link Goto Top
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      Link Goto Top
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