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Serum Retinol-binding Protein (SRBP, RBP4)

Editor's Notes

Recent update from: 06.02.2000

RBP4 Notes

  • Flanking markers: D10S571-D10S185
  • Binds transthyretin when loaded with Ry
  • Mutations cause fundus xerophthalmicus
Species: Homo sapiens
See also:
Chromosomal localisation in man: 10q24

in mouse:
Gene Data

Protein Data
Molecularweight on SDS-PAGE:

Reference: (1)


1. Seeliger, M.W., Biesalski, H.K., Wissinger, B., Gollnick, H., Gielen, S., Frank, J., Beck, S., and Zrenner, E. Phenotype in retinol deficiency due to a hereditary defect in retinol binding protein synthesis. 1999; Invest.Ophthalmol.Vis.Sci. 40: 3 - 11.
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