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Disease Gene locus MIM Gene Gene MIM MoI Assignment

Linked Marker [cM] Remarks References
Dominant drusen with macular dystrophy

ad 6q14

[D6S1609- (D6S1652 (lod 1.16)- D6S1004- D6S2258)- D6S1644- D6S1613- D6S1570- D6S1056- D6S1054- D6S424- D6S284- D6S249 (lod 3.17)- D6S475- D6S1717- D6S1671- D6S283 16.1 cM]
Fundus Xerophthalmicus

RBP4 180250 ar 10q24


Rod/Cone Dystrophy, pseudo dominant

ad 1p21-13

D1S406- D1S236
Retinal pattern dystrophy
179605 PRPH2 179605 ad 6p12

Autosomal dominant Stargardt-like Macular Dystrophy

ad 6q16

D6S430- D6S313- D6S1681- D6S280- D6S286- D6S460- D6S1609- D6S1601- D6S462- D6S275- D6S417- D6S1720- D6S300
  • 7 North American were joined to one great family
  • Link(13)
    Atrophia Areata AA 108985 TEAD1 189967 ad 11p15

    D11S1323, D11S902
    Autosomal Dominant Macular Atrophy adMD
    ELOLV4 605512 ad 6q14

    D6S430- D6S1557- D6S1661- D6S280- D6S1589 [-D6S257- D6S430- D6S313- D6S1625- D6S1613- [-D6S1707- D6S445- D6S1634-D6S1609- D6S1595- D6S1601- D6S1644- D6S613- D6S1570- D6S1631]- D6S275- [D6S300- D6S1716]- D6S475- D6S301
  • Resembles STGD3 without dark choroid in flourescein angiogram
  • Exclusion of CORD7 and MCDR1/PBCRA as loci
  • (31)
    Autosomal Dominant Retinal Dystrophy adRD
    GUCA1B 602275 ad 6p21.1

    Autosomal dominant vitreoretinochoroidopathy ADVIRC 193220 BEST1 607854 ad 11q12-13.1

    UGB- D11S4076- D11S1765
    Autosomal Recessive Bestrophinopathy ARB 611809 BEST1 607854 ar 11q12-13.1

    UGB- D11S4076- D11S1765
    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 603075 CFB 138470 ar 6p21.3

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 603075 TLR3 603029 ar 4q35.1

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 603075 C2 217000 ar 6p21.3

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 1 603075 HMCN1,FBLN6 608548 ar 1q24-q25

    LAMB2- D1S158- D1S2701- D1S2127- D1S240- D1S2711- D1S444- D1S254- D1S191- D1S2848- D1S1194- HEM- D1S2138- D1S3460-D1S202- D1S1642- D1S518
    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 10 611488 TLR4 603030 ar 9q32-33

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 2 153800 ABCR 601691 ar 1p22-21

    D1S406- D1S236
  • 1218 pat. tested against 1258 controls (both N. American and W. Europe origin)
  • Tested G1961E and D2177N
  • Found G1961: 19/1218 pat. & 4/1258 cont.
  • Found D2177N: 21/1189 pat. & 8/1258 cont.
  • Link(3)
    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 3 608895 FBLN5 604580 ar 14q32.1

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 4 610698 CFH1 134370 ar 1q32

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 5 603075 ERCC6 609413 ar 10q11

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 6 603075 QRX,RAXL1 610362 ar 19p13.3

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 7 610149 HTRA1 602194 ar 10q26

    D10S12307- D10S1230
    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 8 611313 LOC387715,ARMS2 611313 ar 10q25.3-q26.2

    Age-related Macular Dystrophy ARMD 9 611378 C3 120700 ar 19p13.3-p13.2

    Benigne Concentric Annular Macular Dystrophy BCAMD 153870 IMPG1 602870 ad 6p12.3-16

    D6S269- [D6S257- D6S1551- D6S430- RIM1- IMPG1- BCAMD- D6S1625- D6S1609- D6S2258- D6S1644- GABRR1&2- D6S1613-D6S1570- D6S1694]- D6S300- D6S249- D6S1671- D6S301
  • Dutch
  • Link(89)
    Bietti crystallin corneoretinal dystrophy BCD 210370 CYP4V2 608614 ar 4q35.2

    D1S406- D1S236
  • 1218 pat. tested against 1258 controls (both N. American and W. Europe origin)
  • Tested G1961E and D2177N
  • Found G1961: 19/1218 pat. & 4/1258 cont.
  • Found D2177N: 21/1189 pat. & 8/1258 cont.
  • Link(51)
    Bothnia Retinal Dystrophy BRD 607475 RLBP1, CRALBP 180090 ar 15q26

    Autosomal Dominant Butterfly Shaped Macular Dystrophy BSMD 608970

    ad 5q21.2–q33.2

    D5S644 - D5S409 - D5S433 - D5S493 - D5S2027 - D5S489 - D5S404 - D5S471 - D5S2057 - D5S2117 - D5S2115 - D5S658 - D5S436 - D5S640 - D5S636 - D5S119 - D5S410 - D5S487 - D5S412 - D5S422
  • Dutch
  • Link(11)
    Central Areolar Choroidal Dystrophy CACD 215500

    ad 17p13-12

    tel- D17S849- (D17S5- D17S1298- D17S938- D17S796- D17S786/ D17S952- D17S804/ D17S945- D17S520- cen
  • Northern Irish family
  • Link(52)
    Cystoid macular dystrophy DCMD 153880

    ad 7p21-15

    Doyne's Honeycomb Retinal Dystrophy DHRD 126600 EFEMP1 601548 ad 2p16

    D2S119- D2S391- D2S2227- D2S2316- [5 D2S2739- DS2251- D2S2325- D2S378- D2S370- D2S147
    Enhanced S-cone Syndrome ESCS 268100 NR2E3, PNR 604485 ar 15q23

    D15S125- [D15S1015- D15S216- D15S131- D15S204]- D15S999
  • 94% mutation detection rate
  • 79% mutation detection rate with 2 patients without any mutation
  • Link(32)
    Fundus albipunctatus FA 136880 RDH5 601617 ar 12q13-14

    Fundus flavimaculatus with Macular Dystrophy FFM 248200 ABCR 601691 ar 1p21-13

    tel- D1S311- D1S207- D1S167- D1S435- D1S188- D1S1170- D1S424- D1S406- D1S236- D1S497- D1S420- D1S206- D1S415- cen
  • Intrafamilial variability with early- and late-onset cases
  • Link(3)
    Hypotrichosis with Juvenile Macular Dystrophy HJMD 601553 CDH3 114021 ar 16q22.1

    [5cM D16S3085- D16S3025- D16S3066]
  • 4 consanguineous Druze families from Israel
  • Homozygosity mapping
  • Link(79)
    Late-onset Macular Degeneration LOMD
    C1QTNF5,CTRP5 608752 ar 11q23.3

    Late-onset Retinal Degeneration L-ORD 605670 C1QTNF5,CTRP5 608752 ad 11q23.3

    Progressive Macular Dystrophy
    North Carolina Type
    MCDR1 136550

    ad 6q16

    cen- D6S275/D6S361- D6S492- D6S424- D6S300- D6S1682- D6S501- D6S249- AFM270XE5- D6S1716- WI-2896- D6S1717- D6S1565- GATAp9365- D6S1671- D6S468- D6S283- tel
  • French family
  • Irish family
  • Link(74)
    Autosomal Dominant Bull's Eye Macular Dystrophy MCDR2 608051 PROM1 604365 ad 4p15.2-16.3

    D4S2936- D4S3023- D4S2935- D4S416- D4S2994- D4S3022- D4S391- D4S2912- D4S1587
  • British
  • Link(57)
    North Carolina Macular Dystrophy MCDR3 136550

    ad 5p13.1-15.33

    D5S1981- D5S417- D5S2088- D5S406- D5S1953- D5S630- MCDR1- D5S416- D5S2031- D5S419- D5S426
  • Non-consanguineous
  • British
  • Link(58)
    Dominant Macular Dystrophy, North Carolina-like, progressive hearing loss MCDR4

    ad 14q

    D14S281 - D14S1023 - D14S72 - D14S283 - D14S275
  • Non-consanguineous
  • British
  • Link(25)
    Dominant Macular Dystrophy MCDR5

    ad 19q13.31-32

  • Non-consanguineous
  • British
  • Link(100)
    Malattia leventinense MLVT 126600 EFEMP1 601548 ar 2p21-16

    D2S391 -[6.2 D2S2227- D2S123- D2S2251- D2S2153- D2S378]- D2S2138- D2S370
  • Graduated penetrance values used for linkage calculations
    • 0 - 19 y: 0%
    • 20 - 30 y: 20%
    • >31: 95%
  • (14)
    Newfoundland Rod-Cone Dystrophy, Early-Onset Retinal Dystrophy NFRCD 607476 RLBP1, CRALBP 180090 ar 15q26

    D15S205- D15S127
  • Reminiscent of Retinitis punctata albescens
  • Younger age
  • Link(19)
    Progressive bifocal chorioretinal atrophy PBCRA 600790

    ad 6q11-16.2

    D6S249- D6S283
  • Seperate clinical entity from MCDR1
  • Link(44)
    Primary Retinal Dysplasia PRD 312550

    xl Xp11.3

    Pseudoxanthoma elasticum PXE 264800 ABCC6 603234 ar 16p13.1

    tel- D16S3114- D16S500- D16S2619- D16S3079- D16S3060- D16S405- [D16S2720, D16B9622]- ABCC6- D16S764- D16S79- D16S3103- D16S3017- D16S499- D16S3036
  • Prototypic heritable connective tissue disorder
  • Primary manifestations in skin, eyes, and cardiovascular system
  • Ocular features: angioid streaks
  • Angioid streaks result from fractures in Bruch's membrane
  • Link(65)
    Retinal Degeneration RP41
    PROM1 604365 ar 4p16

    Retinitis punctata albescens RPA 136880 RHO 180380 ar 3q21-24

    Retinitis punctata albescens RPA 136880 PRPH2 179605 ar 6p12

    Retinitis punctata albescens RPA 136880 RLBP1, CRALBP 180090 ar 15q26

    Retinoschisis RS 312700 RS1
    xl Xp22.2

    DXS418- DXS999 [2]
    Sorsby´s Fundus Dystrophy SFD 136900 TIMP3 188826 ad 22q12-13.2

    Slow Photoreceptor Degeneration SPD
    RGS9 604067 ar 17q24

    Slow Photoreceptor Degeneration SPD 608415 R9AP 607814 ar 19q13.12

    Juvenile Stargardt disease STGD1 248200 ABCR 601691 ar 1p22-21

    D1S406- D1S236
    Macular dystrophy with flecks
    Stargardt 2
    STGD2 153900

    ad 13q34

    D13S159- D13S158 Re-assigned to 6q11 Link(105)
    Macular dystrophy with flecks
    Stargardt 3
    STGD3 600110 ELOLV4 605512 ad 6q14

    D6S313- D6S252
    D6S1622- D6S391
  • General founder mutation in almost all investigated North American families
  • Link(15)
    Autosomal dominant Stargardt-like Disease STGD4 603786 PROM1 604365 ad 4p15.3

    D4S3007- [~12 D4S1582- D4S2639- D4S2944- D4S1602- D4S403- D4S1601- D4S2397 (includes retinal proteins DRP- 1 and HSP90)]
    Macular dystrophy
    atypical vitelliform
    VMD1 153840

    ad 8q24

    Vitelliform macular dystrophy
    Best disease
    153700 BEST1 607854 ad 11q12-13.1

    UGB- D11S4076- D11S1765
    MoI = Mode of Inheritance: a: autosomal, ad: autosomal dominant, ar: autosomal recessive, xl: x-linked, mt: mitochondrial


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      Link Goto Top
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