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Mutations of the Precursor mRNA Processing Protein 8

Recent update from: 03.04.2005
Phenotype Mutation Basechange Nucleotide Exon Restriction Site Classification
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The mutation data for this gene are currently not adjusted to a standardised sequence and given as reported by the authors cited.

RP13 Pro 2301 Thr CCC>ACC 6942 42
English 614, 161

RP13 Phe 2304 Leu TTC>TTG 6953 42
English 162, 622

RP13 His 2309 Arg CAC>CGC 6967 42 -ApaL1
South African

RP13 His 2309 Pro CAC>CCC 6967 42 -ApaL1

RP13 Arg 2310 Gly AGG>GGG 6969 42
English 189

RP13 Arg 2310 Lys AGG>AAG 6970 42 -HaeIII, -DraIII

RP13 6972del6bp ins11 bp CTT>ATT 6972 42


RP13 Phe 2314 Leu CTT>ATT 6983 42
English 690



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  2. McKie,A.B., McHale,J.C., Keen,T.J., Tarttelin,E.E., Goliath,R., van Lith-Verhoeven,J.J., Greenberg,J., Ramesar,R.S., Hoyng,C.B., Cremers,F.P., Mackey,D.A., Bhattacharya,S.S., Bird,A.C., Markham,A.F., and Inglehearn,C.F. Mutations in the pre-mRNA splicing factor gene PRPC8 in autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (RP13). 2001; Hum.Mol.Genet. 10: 1555-1562.
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  3. van Lith-Verhoeven,J.J., van der Velde-Visser,SD., Sohocki,M.M., Deutman,A.F., Brink,H.M., Cremers,F.P., and Hoyng,C.B. Clinical characterization, linkage analysis, and PRPC8 mutation analysis of a family with autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa type 13 (RP13). 2002; Ophthalm.Genet. 23: 1-12.
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