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Mutations of the Protein Kinase C g

Recent update from: 25.07.99

Phenotype Mutation Basechange Nucleotide Exon Restriction Site Classification
& Remarks
Mutation Database OMIM Reference
ADRP, RP11 Ser 659 Arg AGC-AGA
18 +AciI
Polymorphism Asn 189 Asn AAT-AAC

Polymorphism Gly 411 Gly GGC-GGT

Polymorphism Phe 647 Phe TTT-TTC

Rare Variant Arg 141 Cys

Rare Variant His 415 Gln

Rare Variant Ala 523 Asp

Rare Variant IVS16+39inst ins t



1. al Maghtheh, M., Vithana, E.N., Inglehearn, C.F., Moore, T., Bird, A.C., and Bhattacharya, S.S. Segregation of a PRKCG mutation in two RP11 families [letter]. 1998; Am.J.Hum.Genet. 62: 1248 - 1252.
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