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Optic Atrophy

Recent update from: 24.03.2010

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Dr. rer. medic. Markus Preising, Dipl.Biol.
Laboratory of Molecular Ophthalmology
Department of Opthalmology
Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Birgit Lorenz

Disease Gene locus MIM Gene Gene MIM MoI Assignment

Linked Marker [cM] Remarks References
Leber´s optic atrophy LHON 535000

mt mitochondrial

T14484C is the predominant mutation in French-Canadian families Link(7)
Kjer type
OPA1 165500 OPA1 605290 ad 3q28

cen- D3S2418- D3S1314- D3S1601- [1.4 D3S3669- (300 kb)- D3S1523- (400 kb)- D3S2305- D3S3642- D3S3590- D3S3562]- D3S2748-D3S1305- D3S1265- tel
  • 43 - 98% penetrance
  • 5 Danish families
  • Primary degeneration of retinal ganglion cells
  • Ascending atrophy of the optic nerve
  • Results from haploinsufficiency
  • Incomplete penetrance in ADOA families with complete genetic counselling
  • Link(1)
    X-linked OPA2 311050

    xl Xp11.4-11.21


    Kjer type
    OPA3 165300 OPA3 606580 ad 19q13.2-q13.3

    Kjer type
    OPA4 605293

    ad 18q12.2-3

    D18S877- D18S47- D18S456- D18S57- D18S468- [D18S34- D18S548- D18S861- D18S479 3 cM]- D18S51- D18S64
  • Visual Acuity 20/20 - 6/200
  • German descendants in Maryland
  • 32 living affected
  • Visual acuity deteriorates with age
  • Acquired blue-yellow defects are typical but hardly recognized by Ishihara-plates
  • Not fully penetrant
  • Link(11)
    congenital or early infantile, autosomal recessive OPA5 258500

    ar 22q12.3

    infantile, autosomal recessive OPA6, ROA1 258500

    ar 8q21-q22

    D8S1702, D8S270, D8S1794
  • Consanguineous French
  • Link(4)
    recessive non syndromic OPA7 612989 TMEM126A 612988 ar 11q14.1-q21

    MoI = Mode of Inheritance: a: autosomal, ad: autosomal dominant, ar: autosomal recessive, xl: x-linked, mt: mitochondrial


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