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Loss of Depth Perception & Contrast

The loss of contrast and depth perception has a very significant effect on the mobility of the individual. Loss of contrast sensitivity refers to an inability to distinguish shades and hues which are "close together" in colour. Individuals experiencing this loss describe its affects differently perhaps because other aberrations so frequently accompany significant loss of contrast. Some seem to feel that loss of contrast further darkens the dark parts of an image, while others feel that loss of contrast causes images to become greyer overall, to the point that edges can become lost. Both forms are illustrated below.

When approaching steps a restricted field of view is made worse by an inability to detect the edge of the step which might normally be well defined by a shadow. In addition, uneven ground presents real danger as the individual cannot determine the depth of the depressions in the ground leading to “missed footing” and frequent jarring of the back.

Normal Vision, Contrast Loss - Dark, Contrast Loss - Light