| 15 December 2016

ERN-EYE Approved by European Commission


Retina International is delighted to announce that on December 15th 2016 the European Reference Network Board of Member States approved the ERN for Rare Eye Disease – ERN-EYE.

We wish to extend our sincere congratulations to the ERN-EYE Coordinator Professor Dr. Helene Dollfus (Strasburg) and her team including Dr. Dorothée Leroux for their commitment and dedication to this project from outset.

We would also like to thank the Organising Committee who worked closely with us in the coordination of this application as well as the 30 Health Care Providers (HPCs) from thirteen Member States who each developed and submitted individual applications for their centres to be part of the ERN-EYE.

Retina International is particularly proud to have been involved in a project that effectively and successfully demonstrated patient involvement as equal partners from the beginning of the process.

We look forward to working with all stakeholders in the development of ERN-EYE which will lead to the improvement of diagnosis, care and treatment for all those living with a Rare Eye Disease in Europe.

More information will follow.

The Retina International Team  

Pictured above the ERN-EYE Coordinating Group at a meeting in Strasburg, April 2016

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