| 15 January 2017

Clear Print Guidelines Launched by EBU

The European Blind Union (EBU) clear print guidelines are now available on its website.

These guidelines are intended to assist organisations, companies and individuals who want to make their documents accessible.This document offers basic principles with good practice examples that can be easily applied to all printed and electronic communication activities.

Making texts accessible benefits people with sight loss as well as a far wider audience: the general public. Implementing the principles of Inclusive Design (also called Universal Design) will make an important contribution to a more accessible and inclusive society!

Retina International welcomes these new guidelines and we encourage you to read, share, use, and translate, the document. Please inform the EBU office if you do translate any documents, so that they can share these with others, and if you plan to make use of it in your country. Feedback is always welcome. 


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