| 04 January 2018

Spark Therapeutics INC announce models of patient access to LUXTURNA

On Wednesday January 3rd 2018,  Spark Therapeutics INC announced a series of payment models designed to help the process of patient access to its new gene therapy LUXTURNA in the United States, which is the only country where the once in a lifetime therapy is currently approved.  The company also announced the cost of the treatment.

| 04 December 2017

We Are Hiring a Science and Communications Officer

Retina International is the global point of contact for patient-led charities and foundations concerned with retinal degenerative diseases. The support and promotion of scientific research to aid the discovery of effective treatments for age related and inherited retinal disease is a core objective and was the purpose of the establishment of Retina International in 1978.

| 11 October 2017

Study shows -Avoidable Blindness -Set to Increase in Future

On World Sight Day, eye care organisations around the world take note of new data that shows that global eye care efforts are at serious risk of being overwhelmed—unless we act now.

New data published in the Lancet Global Health shows that decades of declining “avoidable blindness”—those with uncorrected refractive errors and cataract—is plateauing, and is projected to increase between 2015 and 2050.

| 04 October 2017

RI 2018 – Youth Event Announced

Retina NZ has announced it will run a special youth event [‪7th-9th Feb] alongside the 2018 World Congress. Zane, Harriet & David are putting together a great programme of activities from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th of February. Listed below are the great cultural and local attractions to give a real flavour of the spectacular country:

Wednesday  7th – Arrive, Meet & Greet

| 02 October 2017

World Retina Day 2017 - Brasil

No Dia Mundial da Retina, sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017, a Retina Internacional, a Retina Brasil e  outras 40 organizações associadas, estão  lançando o ALERTA DAS DOENÇAS  OCULARES RARAS  para as entidades a ela ligadas, de caráter nacional ou regional.

Entendemos que chegou a hora de lutar  de  forma efetiva para que haja acesso de todos aos serviços de genotipagem para doenças hereditárias da retina e para as doenças oculares raras.

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