| 12 April 2017

OECD public consultation on access to innovative medicines

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is launching a new initiative to promote an international, high-level dialogue on access to innovative pharmaceuticals and sustainability of pharmaceutical spending.

The OECD is now running a public consultation to identify issues with the current system, to understand which topics are of most importance to stakeholders, to find out if there are any major differences in stakeholder views and canvass new ideas. The responses will be used to inform policy recommendations for governments of OECD Member countries.

| 17 March 2017

Important NEJM Article on Unregulated Stem-Cell Therapy

Severe Vision Loss for Three Florida Women

A Cautionary Tale About the Need to Educate Patients and Advance Research to Produce Treatments with Proven Efficacy, Says Foundation Fighting Blindness

| 09 February 2017

Rare Diseases International Policy Event


‘No country can claim to have achieved universal healthcare if it has not adequately and equitably met the needs of those with rare diseases’

Helen Clark, Administrator of the UN Development Programme

| 26 January 2017

We Want To Hear From You!

Retina International, with the support of member organisations, has designed the following survey to gather information on the real life experience of Patients affected by Inherited Retinal Disease (IRDs) in accessing Genetic Testing services in their countries of residence. This will aid us in developing appropriate communication and educational materials for our community globally. 

For further information email info@retina-international.org 

Click below to access the survey. 

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