| 21 September 2016

Meet our Management Committee

The Management Committee are elected from the delegates at the General Assembly and work with the President and the CEO on the development and implementation of the Retina International strategic development plan.

The MC also promotes the creation of societies run by individuals with retinal dystrophies for individuals with retinal dystrophies in countries where none exist. They also represent member societies collectively to supra-national bodies and work on the policy and issues determined by the GA.

Management Committee Members are:

  • President: Christina Fasser (Retina Suisse)
  • Vice President: Claudette Medefindt (Retina South Africa)
  • Treasurer: Abdullah Yussuf (Pakistan)
  • Fraser Alexander (Retina New Zealand Inc.)  
  • Caisa Ramshage (Sweden)
  • K.P. Tsang (Hong Kong)
  • Micheal Laengsfeld (Germany)
  • Kristinn Halldor (Iceland)  


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